This course is designed for anyone involved or about to be involved in drilling and/or well control operations with Surface or Subsea BOP stack prior to them attending a Well Control course for the first time. Floorman, Derrickman, future AD etc. This course gives potential certification candidates an awareness of Well Control theory, practices and equipment in order to prepare them for the stringent requirements of well control certification testing. 

Key Topics

  • Geology
  • Introduction to pressure basics
  • Formation pressure concepts
  • Kick fundamentals
  • Introduction to Well Control
  • Introduction to Well Control equipment
  • Introduction to offshore Well Control equipment
  • Pressure testing basics
  • Causes and Warning signs of kicks
  • Flow checking and Shut-in Procedures
  • Well Control Procedures
  • Basic Well Control calculations and exercises
  • Introduction to Kill Shees

Course Length

     1 to 3 days




  • Classroom lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Class discussion
  • Group exercises
  • Hands on practice