This course is designed to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of the technology, equipment and terminology used at the drilling rig that will enable them to effectively function within the drilling rig environment safely. Students will gain a foundation of knowledge and skills to effectively work as a member of the drilling team.

Who should attend

Individuals with little-to-no experience in the drilling industry.

Key Topics

  • Introduction to the rig environment
  • Drilling rig types and power systems
  • The overall drilling process
  • The hoisting system
  • The rotary system
  • The circulating system
  • Drilling fluids
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Working the rig floor
  • Rig tools
  • Maintenance of rig equipment
  • Well Control Equipment and Procedures
  • Safety around Drilling Equipment, Mud Circulation and treating equipment, Hoisting equipment, Rotating Equipment, Derricks and Substructures, Pipe handling equipment etc.
  • Effective safety reporting
  • Best Practices to minimise the environmental Impact of Drilling Operations
  • Life skills
  • Rig Moves
  • General safety, safety programming and safe operation in handling of equipment will be discussed continuously throughout the course.

Course Length

10 days


  • Good physical health
  • Personal protective equipment as outlined in the registration requirements


  • Classroom lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Class discussion
  • Group exercises
  • Hands on practice
  • Practical skill assessment