Stuck drillstrings are both expensive and unproductive. It costs the drilling industry millions of dollars every year. This course will prepare the student to recognize trends and prevent or troubleshoot and manage stuck pipe crisis’s.

During this two day course each student will analyze and demonstrate the best response whether instituting preventative or recovery measures during the three different operational situations; drilling, tripping or during casing operations. 

Who Should Attend

This practical 3 or 5 day course is designed to increase the skills of the drillers, rig managers, drilling supervisors, and drilling engineers who are responsible for the day to day drilling operations in the field.

Key Topics

  • Chain of command
  • Drill string limitations
  • Formation related problems
  • Wellbore geometry problems
  • Differential sticking problems
  • Well Control sticking problems
  • Loss circulation characteristics
  • Special drilling systems
  • The dynamics of jarring
  • Fishing equipment and operations
  • Drilling fluid systems
  • Problem scenarios
  • Solutions

Course Length

     3 – 5 days




  • Classroom lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Class discussion
  • Group exercises
  • Hands on practice
  • Practical skill assessment

Nature of work

Upon completion of this course students should be able to collect and analyze the information. Recognize and identify the warning signs as to a stuck drill string situation developing. Institute preventative measures, initiate and manage effective recovery procedures. Determine what the problem is in the hole.