This course is designed to develop your negotiation skills so you can be more effective when creating agreements and relationships that last and add value to your organization. This highly interactive course will teach you to refine and strengthen your negotiating skills with tools and techniques that will make you a more influential negotiator.

Topics Covered

  • Introducing the negotiation process
  • Personal Negotiation Strategies
  • Preparing for Negotiations
  • Research the other party
  • Sizing up the other guy and playing field

Seeing the other point of view

  • Negotiating with a Group or one on one
  • Understanding Compromise
  1. Options and trade-offs
  2. Holding your ground for your bottom line
  3. Knowing what to give away
  • Dealing with the tough guys
  • Closing the deal

Course Length

     2 days


  • Classroom lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Class discussion
  • Group exercises