With the usual sense of urgency when involved with a new oilfield project, the natural tendency is to dive right in and get it done. Ones enthusiasm and drive will be essential to meeting project objectives, but alone they are not enough. Successful projects require effective management.

This course is designed to introduce you to the rudiments of project management. Having already done much of the project ground work, a relatively small amount of additional planning can help ensure a successful outcome. 

Who should attend

Anyone involved in special projects or associated with the planning and implementation of projects


  • Project Planning Definitions
  • Project Management Principles
  • The Different Phases of a Project
  • A Breakdown of the Work Structure
  • The Project Plan
  • Assessing the Risks
  • Definition Requirements
  • Estimating Project Costs
  • Project Scheduling


     3 days


  • Classroom lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Class discussion
  • Group exercises