This course is designed to give the participants a fundamental knowledge of the technology, equipment and terminology used in the drilling process that will enable them to effectively function within the drilling industry. This course is for anyone wanting to increase their understanding and communication skills pertaining to the drilling industry. Anyone whose job requires them to read (and understand) rig generated reports such as morning reports, incident reports, safety alerts etc. Rig or Office based personnel directly or indirectly involved in the drilling industry. Rig or office based HSE personnel. 

Key Topics

  • Geology - Oil and Gas Formation and Accumulation
  • Brief history of oil and gas drilling
  • Drilling rig types and drilling equipment both offshore and land
  • The overall drilling process Introduction to the Drilling Process
  • Drilling Equipment and how it is used, Mud Circulation and treating equipment, Hoisting equipment, Rotating Equipment, Derricks and Substructures, Pipe Handling equipment etc.
  • Drill String components, casing and cementing, pressure tests
  • Basic Drilling Fluid System
  • Special drilling techniques
  • Well Control equipment and Blow Out Prevention procedures
  • Mud Logging, Logging and DST (Drill Stem Tests)
  • Hole Problems (Stuck Pipe, Lost Circulation, Hydrogen Sulphide, Abnormal Pressures, Shallow Gas)
  • Introduction to Pressure Basics
  • Morning Reports        

Course Length

     2 days




  • Classroom lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Class discussion
  • Group exercises